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C&D Emerging Industry Equity Investment

C&D Emerging Industry Equity Investment is an enterprise-level venture capital institution supported by the C&D Group, a Fortune 500 enterprise. Founded in 2014, the company carries out the mission of "exploring new values and helping more growth-type new-economy enterprises achieve better development". C&D Emerging Industry Equity Investment focuses on new economy sectors such as healthcare, advanced manufacturing, and TMT/consumption.


Origincell is the founding shareholder of Origincell Therapeutics, which was jointly established in 2014 by Canature Health (300272), a GEM-listed company, and its founder, Mr. Qu Jianguo. With a first-phase investment of 1.5 billion yuan, Origincell has built three industrial parks covering an area of 80 acres and having a construction area of nearly 100,000 square meters in the core zone of Zhangjiang Science City. These three industrial parks have also attracted many other biomedical innovation enterprises with great potentials. Origincell also owns the following subsidiaries: Origincell Biological Cryo Equipment Co., Ltd., specialized in R&D and production of cell cryopreservation equipment; Yuantian Biotechnology Co., Ltd., specialized in stem cell and exosome research and cell preparation and culture services; Origincell-Bank Co., Ltd., specialized in automated and intelligent cell preservation services. These subsidiaries constitute a complete industrial chain. The total number of patents applied by the Origincell has exceeded 300, which indicates stable development and bright prospects. 

Qiming Venture Partners

Qiming Venture Partners, founded in 2006, is currently managing 7 phases of USD funds and 5 phases of RMB funds. The total assets under its management are more than 4 billion USD. Qiming Venture Partners focuses on investing in exceptional firms in the TMT and Healthcare fields at the start-up and growth stages. Since its founding, Qiming Venture Partners has been highly acknowledged for its outstanding investment performance by investors from China and all over the world and has become a top-choice investment institution for entrepreneurs. Qiming Venture Partners has risen to the top in many reputable rankings of China's venture capital business. It has collaborated with many excellent high-tech entrepreneurs to create unicorn and listed enterprises.

Yijing Capital

Yijing Capital, founded in 2015, is mainly engaged in primary market equity investment and fund of funds (FOF) investment using its own funds and privately offered funds. Adhering to the concept of "helping enterprises innovate and grow, promoting industrial optimization and upgrading, and boosting social development and progress", Yijing Capital focuses on areas including big health industry, TMT & big consumption, and hard and core technology. It is specialized in investing in high-value high-tech innovative enterprises at their start-up and growth stages. As to the medical field, Yijing Capital has invested in many industry-leading enterprises, including Leto Laboratories, Our United Corp., Hanyu Medical, SS Innovations, WELLEM Pediatrics, and MedSci.