Talent Training

We believe that every seed is waiting for the energy to take root and bear fruit. Empowering dreamers is our unchanging intention of team building. We aim to create a good working and growing environment by constantly improving the talent team building and the talent development system so that every employee in OriCell Therapeutics can feel a sense of belonging and accomplishment.

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Shanghai Academician (Expert) Workstation

OriCell Therapeutics and School of Life Sciences and Technology, Tongji University jointly established the Shanghai Academician (Expert) Workstation in November 2020, with the approval of the Guidance Office of Shanghai Academician and Expert Workstation. Both sides will integrate their respective advantageous resources in the fields of production, academia, research, and medicine, actively respond to major research programs of the state and Shanghai government in the field of tumor immunotherapy, and strive to make Chinese cell therapy products step into a world-leading level, benefit patients, and make a contribution to the realization of the grand strategy of healthy China.

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Pudong New Area Enterprise Postdoctoral Research Workstation Substation

On the recommendation of Pudong New Area Talent Exchange Center and Pudong New Area Enterprise Postdoctoral Research Workstation, and after strict review by Shanghai Postdoctoral Work Office and National Postdoctoral Management Committee, OriCell Therapeutics's application for establishing a new substation of Pudong New Area Enterprise Postdoctoral Research Workstation in 2019 has been approved and the plaque has been awarded. We will continuously attract and cultivate young high-level talents, enhance independent innovation capability and improve its own comprehensive competitiveness, thereby making positive contributions to the Shanghai strategy and national strategy.

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Team Composition

At present, we have more than

Core Technical Team

The core technical team includes over 40% of returned talents and Ph.D.

Over 80% of master's degree holders or above