Antibody discovery technology platform

A 1011 fully-humanized antibody phage display library, a 1010 nanometer antibody library, and a technical platform for antibody engineering have been built. A series of high-performance antibody drug candidates and CAR-T cell target antibodies have been developed independently.
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CAR-T technology platform with high memory and high vitality

By inserting a unique signal activation domain into the novel and exclusive CAR structure, the expansion efficiency of memory immune cells is increased by folds, which effectively resists the negative immune environment of solid tumors, thereby enhancing the efficacy and persistence of CAR-T and effectively inhibiting tumors and preventing their recurrence.
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Stable and controllable cell culture platform for efficient expansion

This platform enables high-rate expansion of TIL cells with our breakthroughs in quality attributes and process parameters, effectively ensuring the clinical efficacy and safety of TIL therapy and enhancing the tumor killing activity of young TIL cells.
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OriCell Therapeutics gives full play to the three independently-developed technology platforms (three benefits in one) and sets out to break through the efficacy and cost bottlenecks in CAR T-cell therapy for solid tumors:

Target screening as the first benefit: The Ori®Ab platform not only offers high-quality and highly synergistic targets for the CAR-T products but also screens out the appropriate ones to develop candidate antibody drugs. These products are authorized and licensed or are developed in a collaborative manner to create values for the company;

Innovative structure as the second benefit: The Ori®CAR platform with an innovative structure can expand the memory T-cells at a rate that is several-fold higher so that the cell products can effectively resist the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment;

Processes as the third benefit: Ori®TIL enjoys a complete set of mature and universal processes for the cell culture and expansion platform to ensure standardized and large-scale production of the cellular therapy products and reduce inter-batch differences; this benefit can help solve the problem of lacking specific targets for solid tumor treatment;

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