Large-capacity and diversified antibody library

  • 1011 fully-humanized phage display antibody library

    1011Human naïve antibody library with broad diversity

    Dedicate to discover fully human antibodies against PD-L1, 4-1BB, IL-17, GPC-3, BCMA, MSLN

  • 1010synthetic nanobody library

    The design of NanoOri_1.0

    Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 572, 1-6.

Platform Achievements:

2020 top 10 Chinese innovative pharma companies by license-out transaction amount

A global exclusive license agreement for Ori®Bs-001 (YN051) was achieved with Antengene B. (06996) in June 2020. Based on the progress of clinical trials and registration of the product, it is estimated that OriCell Therapeutics (Chinese name changed from "原能医学" to "原启生物") will receive a down payment and milestone payment of up to $142 million, as well as a share of annual sales revenue of the product.

OriCell Therapeutics has received a down payment of $2.5 million in 2020 and received the first milestone payment of $3.5 million in October 2021.